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Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag, Set of 3, Sonnet, 11.5x7.5 3.5"

Diaper Bag, Sonnet, 14.5x11.25x5
Duffel Bag, Sonnet,19x10.5x10.5
Garment Bag, Sonnet,21x46x4
Hand Satchel   ,Sonnet, 10.5x7x3
Hip Bag, Sonnet,10.5x11.5
Keychain Purse, Sonnet,4.5x3.75
Large Tote, Sonnet,17.5x14.5x5.5
Large Backpack, Sonnet,12.5x14.5x4.5
Makeup Bag, Set of 3, Sonnet, 11.5x7.5  3.5
Pet Carrier   , Sonnet, 17x13x11
Purse Organizer, Sonnet, 8x4.5x1
Ruffled Hip Bag, Sonnet, 8.75x8
Shoulder Sack, Sonnet, 14x11x3.5
Small Tote, Sonnet, 16.5x11.25x5
Straw Satchel  , Sonnet, 13x8x3.25
Twin Straps Purse   , Sonnet, 13.5x8.5x4.5

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Makeup Bags

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